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Having a conversation with the author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

Having a conversation with the author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

Posted on 07 July 2011 by Rev. Sonia Echezuria

Neale Donald Walsch shared his wisdom with the attendees of the 2011 Celebrate Your Life Conference that took place in Lombard, Illinois, from June 10th to the 13th.

In his latest book When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Neale reminds us that today changes are happening at an extraordinary rate. During his sessions at the Celebrate Your Life Conference, he invited us to take a quick look at the history of the last 125 years to realize this truth.

Fact: everything is going to change all the time, period. What role should we play in these changing times? And what do the roles we choose to play have to do with our spiritual evolution? 

Neale reflected about the fact that most of the times we think that the events of our life are creating our reality. False. The events of our life have little to nothing to do with our reality. We are responsible for creating the interior reality out of the experience that we are having of whatever event. All the events are designed to open us to the truth of who we are. They are the stimulus of the experience we are having.

What creates our experience, then? According to Neale, it is created by the emotions we attach to the event. This is what produces our personal experience. Our emotions are something we can choose. What a liberating reality is to know that we can choose our emotions! We can watch the feeling come up and, literally, ask ourselves ‘is this the emotion I want to choose? Is this what I want to feel, the emotional state I want to feed?’

But… what produces the emotion? Listening to Neale, it became obvious that our thoughts about the event produce our emotions. Our thoughts are critical when it comes to how and what we feel. And what produces our thoughts? The truth that we hold with regards to the event, that which we choose to embrace as our own personal truth. Now, where does that truth come from? From our data -judged past data and factual past data. All the information we have gathered, categorized and storage in a lifetime.

That’s how Neale described the Dynamics of the Mind, where an event triggers a process that involves:

1         An event,

2         Data research and processing,

3         Categorization and labeling of data according to what we hold as our personal truth,

4         Thought formulation,

5         And the rising of emotions that determine

6         The way we experience

7         Our reality.

What’s the way out of this chain of reactions based out of past programming and conditioning? How can we choose to be more than just reacting, organic robots? During his session, Neale proposed to temporarily remove the “event” variable out of this equation and replace it with the variable “being.”

Being is it!

We cannot control the events of our lives because they are co-created by all of us in conjunction, they are our collective co-creation. BUT we can control who we are BEING. We can choose to be who we want to be. We can even choose to embrace a very high state of being: our BEING DIVINE.

Ultimate reality becomes real to us when we see it through the eyes of the soul, the perspective of the soul. Then, we change our perception of life. Perception creates beliefs. Belief produces behavior. Behavior produces experience. Through soul perspective, or the Dynamics of the Soul as Neale defines this process, we get to act instead of react. We become more than the summary and processing of our past. We become conscious co-creators and we act consciously. Our personal reality moves from distorted through observed to actual.

Imagine truth. Apparent truth. Actual truth. Distorted Reality. Observed Reality. Ultimate Reality. Who do I choose to be? Is joy a priority for me? How important is it?

Because we are soul beings having a human experience, we need to use our minds and souls to become whole. If so we choose, we get to embrace and acknowledge our sacredness and humanness, our greatest treasures, our sweetest blessings, the communion that made “us” possible and probable. How delightfully beautiful we are!

May God know itself through and as us now. May we rejoice in this process.

Neale, sweet blessings!


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